Lost in the Trees 

 Ari Picker | guitar/vocals
Emma Nadeau | french horn/vox/bells/accordion
Drew Anagnost | cello
Jenavieve Varga | violin

Mark Daumen | tuba/bass/bells

...a work of vaulting ambition,

 a cathedral built on loss and transformation.
 In the summer of 2009, Ari Picker lost his mother,
 an artist in her own right,
 when she took her own life.
 Picker set about transforming the events
 into a musical tribute, composing and writing
 with his mother’s picture above his desk: 
the same picture that will now grace the album’s cover.
 “I wanted to give her a space, in the music, 
to be, and to become all the things she didn’t get a chance to be
 when she was alive,” Picker says.  

Trekky Records

music biography 
by William Ruhlmann

Lost in the Trees 

is the brainchild of
 Ari Picker,

a Chapel Hill native
 who started his career
 as a member
 of the B-Sides.

Picker's studies
 at the Berklee College of Music
 led him to attempt an orchestral effort,
and he adopted
 the moniker

Lost in the Trees 
for the project.

After assembling a small group of musicians,
he recorded a folk-influenced EP,

Time Taunts Me,

and released it
 on Trekky Records
 in early 2007.

School work prevented him 
from touring
 in support
 of the EP's
and Picker didn't return

Lost in Trees

when he graduated
 from Berklee
 and moved back
 to North Carolina.
Picker began
 putting together
 a new lineup
 for his band,
 calling upon several members
 of the Trekky Records crew
 as well as
 the University of North Carolina's 
orchestra program
 to help him out.

Once formed, 
the group recorded

All Alone in an Empty House,

a lush sophomore album
 that featured
 strings, horns,
 and full orchestration.

The record was released
 in 2008
 and reissued
 two years later,
following the group's signing
 with Anti- Records.

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