Not a fan of POTUS: 
"I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet"

Metro Magazine excerpt 
February 2013

The opposition to Obama is functionally non-existent, except for temper tantrums in Congress. The ordinary citizen is now a bystander to a comic opera, numbed by five years of unprecedented economic dislocation - caused by unprosecuted Wall Street criminal conspiracies masquerading as capitalism; arrogant presidential executive orders, as if we already lived in a totalitarian state; a deliberate socialist mindset in the White House that has destroyed hope for the middle class; a Fed chief who prints money to cover up incompetent fiscal policy; a stock market disconnected from the real economy; a dumbed-down electorate created by four decades of radical politicization of the curriculum; fear and uncertainty as the Obama health care legislation continues to till up unpleasant surprises and previously undisclosed costs; and political gridlock, sex scandals and incompetency in Washington. 

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