Why Are There So Few Vegetarians?

Entire Article from Psychology Today

excerpt 1
Now that Bill Clinton has become a vegan
he is a member of two very small minority groups — 
living ex-presidents and people 
who do not consume any animal products. 
True, there are more vegans than ex-presidents. 
But the number of vegans is also quite small — 
less than 0.8% of the U.S population....

excerpt 2

Vegans as Moral Heroes

In his book, The Happiness Hypothesis
the psychologist Jonathan Haidt discusses 
his reaction to reading 
Peter Singer's argument against animals. 
He writes, "Since that day, I have been morally opposed 
to all forms of factory farming. 
Morally opposed but not behaviorally opposed. 
I love the taste of meat, and 
the only thing that changed the after reading Singer 
is that I thought about my hypocrisy 
each time I ordered a hamburger."

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